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Located in Connecticut’s fairy tale town populated with an eclectic mix of people and attractive crazy Gilmore Girls – is a multiplayer comic series about friendship, family and ties that bind. Thirty Lorelai Gilmore is a napravilsvoya share of mistakes in life but do everything necessary to see that her daughter is in school – and best friend in the world – Rory (Alexis Bled) – not her steps. It can be easier saidAs done as they interests dvaRazdelyayut, the same intelligence and unity and also coffee addiction and the same eyes. Rory is more serious than Lorelai, but there is a trend, especially in the love department, which clearly shows that she is the daughter of her mother. From the beginning, this unique group of mothers and daughters has grown together. Lorelai is just the ageRory, kogatotya pregnant and decided that her child alone. Gilmore Girls are the first series on air, from a friendly oneForum for the development semeFond scripts supported to speak. Initiative among some of the best advertisers in the country and the World Bank aims to expand the range of family programs on network television. Strong and loving mother-daughter relationship portrayed in Gilmore Girls reflects the growing reality of this new kind of Americans